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We take care of a complete product lifecycle in Android. From the strategy through design up to final development and support.

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Android Development

Let us do the code magic while you fully concentrate on your business. The Outline team will use the best practices and pick optimal tools and libraries. The app quality is on us.

User Experience

Delivering pixel-perfect UX and UI on Android requires a strong focus on making apps feel native - that’s our rule no. 1. It enables us to deliver apps that look perfectly smooth on a variety of devices.

Google Play

Once your app is ready to go, we’ll help you with all marketing materials to use at Google Play Store: the app icon, preview images and SEO optimization.

3 types of work we do best

Tailor-made Android applications

A brilliant Android development team can help you in different circumstances:

  • When you need someone to bring your vision and ideas to life and do the whole code magic from scratch
  • When Android expert skills are essential to take your product to the next level

Here’s where the Outline team can step in and help you out. What we do:

  • Take a complex approach to your application, focusing on technical details as much as on user experience and interface design
  • Select optimal tools and solutions for your product best performance
  • Offer expert advice on application performance and its possible improvements
  • Make sure your app makes a great start in Google Play with quality pre-launch content
  • Run and maintain the complete product lifecycle

iOS to Android app transition

Porting your iOS app to Android gives you amazing business opportunities – no doubt about that. But – despite what you may imagine – there’s much more to do than simply translate the app from one language to another. It involves many other components, and we’re here to deliver them all:

  • Re-map and rewrite the application according to the requirements of Android
  • Understand and apply the principles of application functioning for each platform to get the best result of transition from iOS to Android
  • Translate the design principles from the Apple playbook to the specifics of Android devices
  • Take an individual approach to the transition process based on your product functionality and purpose

Android app recovery

There are various reasons why your app may need recovery:

  • Outdated development solutions
  • Bugs and poor code quality
  • Difficulty in app maintenance

We are here to boost your app’s performance and development process in many ways:

  • Fix bugs and crashes
  • Add new features
  • Improve code quality
  • Optimise app maintenance
  • Audit your app to check code quality and security
  • Run automated tests for your app to decrease the need for manual testing
  • Implement continuous integration to improve the development process and code performance

We’re proud of our open source contribution


Simple Http server that makes simulating API easy.

View on github


Collection of utility classes that are common for multiple android projects.

View on github


Wrapper for expensive resources.

Allows adding and removing listeners that will be informed about FieldState changes(like starting to load value). This can be usefull for displaying busy indicator in graphical applications.

View on github


Check pit all of our stuff

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